Teleperformance India, established in 2001, is the leading provider of outsourced Omnichannel Customer Experience at every single opportunity.

Known for its quality offering and outstanding people practices, Teleperformance India evolved into the preferred offshore contact center outsourcing option for English speaking nations. It is also a known name within the domestic market for its full suite of solutions extended in English and 10 regional languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

With operations spread across Gurgaon, Indore and Jaipur, over 11,500+ Teleperformers deliver Omnichannel Customer Experience, with solutions ranging from Customer Care, Technical Support, Debt Collection, Customer Acquisition, Social Media Solutions, Data Analytics and Back-Office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions. When your customers contact you or vice versa, we are there to support them and make sure they have a unique experience with your brand in all channels.

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“We are a great place to work.”

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We want our people to be inspired, and motivated, we want them to feel proud to belong to our team. That’s why we invest so much in creating the best place for them, by providing a great work environment, job satisfaction and development opportunities.


What makes us a Great Place to Work?





The Teleperformance for Fun Festival is an annual festival recognizing and celebrating the unique artistic talents of our people around the world. Teleperformance India is a proud winner of Teleperformance For Fun Festival 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Team India firmly believes that it is important to have fun at work, to have the workplace beam with energy, passion and charisma of the employees. In India, the ever active employee care team works at organizing annual cultural festival across its three sites to appreciate the unique artistic talents within people. Employees are encouraged to demonstrate their skills in dance, music, and art for the enjoyment and appreciation of all. Contestants participate through videos or live shows; with a panel of judges selecting the best contestants to attend a final, live championship performance event.


Citizen of the World

As global leader in customer experience management, Teleperformance encourages its employees to become ambassadors of change by providing education and learning opportunities to the underprivileged children in the society.

In its effort to give back to the community, Teleperformance India attempts to bring a social change in the lives of less privileged, through the Citizen of the World initiative, established in 2006. By voluntarily becoming a part of Citizen of the World (COTW) program, Team India’s employees extend to these children food, books, education and clothing, in addition to monetary contribution to improve their lives.

Besides giving children an opportunity to study, COTW program helps their families benefit and experience significant change in their lifestyle. Teleperformance India contributes to salaries of teachers, uniforms and other engagement activities. The goal is to inspire and motivate these students’ self-esteem and to fire their personal aspirations. The larger goal is to help these children meet their basic needs and reach their individual potential.

Health Care Centre and Blood Donation

Teleperformance India has partnered with the National Thalassemia Welfare Society (NTWS) to set up one NTWS primary health care center focused on women and children and Teleperformers regularly donate blood through camps set-up across sites.


Citizen of the Planet

At Teleperformance, we have always cultivated that “CHANGE” begins with US.

The same zeal led us to dedicate ourselves to the environmental issues that are affecting our community. Team Teleperformance India is working towards spreading awareness about the dearth of underground water levels in NCR/Gurgaon region and works for preserving underground water levels. Thus, Rain Water Conservation has been made regular practice in our facility since it was set up in Gurgaon in 2001. In addition, efforts are made to counsel our employees on the importance of saving electricity and water, even at home along with adopting and sharing waste recycling best practices across our centers.

Our efforts towards the ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan’ have been at the forefront in maintaining clean and green facilities and surrounding areas. We are committed to this cause and understand it is the right thing to do for the planet.

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