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Teleperformance Internet Interactions offers a comprehensive suite of services that are fully customizable and capable of fulfilling client requirements by lines of business, segmentation, operating systems and devices. Internet Interactions is grouped into 3 major categories:

Live interaction

Give a human touch to your Internet interactions. With just one click, customers can access live support through your website. You can be available when customers need you. Improves sales conversion and average revenue. Live Interaction can be done using different channels.

Channels available:

  • Proactive chat: Engages your customers proactively. Invite browsing visitors to participate in live chat either automatically or manually with proactive chat invitations. Proactive click to chat conversion rate up to 40%. Average order value increases approximately 20%.

  • Reactive chat: Live chat is a proven technology for improving customer service. You will benefit by creating a personal connection with your website visitors, including pre-chat questionnaires and post-chat surveys.

  • Email: Routing emails (or Contact Us forms) into the correct workflowwhere they will be received, escalated and resolved quickly.

  • Video chat: Video chat treats your customers in a unique way. Use your segmentation to provide personalized customer care to your TOP customers.

  • Click-to-call: Customers just click a button to connect or schedule calls with your agents. Proactive click-to-call conversion rate up to 25% while reactive is up to 20%. Average order value increases of approximately 20%.

semi automated

Add a slight human touch to the high traffic areas of your website.

We make the Semi-Automated solution smooth for your customers. 

Channels available:

  • Click-to-Chat: Look and feel can be personalized with your brand. Requests will be answered semi-automatically by an agent.

  • Email: Requests will be answered semi-automatically with agent validation for more personalization.

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Unlock the intelligence embedded in the chat or email content to recognize the question or topic. 

Maximize the value of analyzing data so we can answer several requests at the same time, without an agent. 

Channels available:

  • Click-to-Chat: Requests will be answered automatically without agent interaction.

  • Email: An automatic email distribution tool allows assignments to occur based on predefined rules. Requests will be answered automatically.

Solution Components

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process methodology

Multichannel platform allows viewing of all contact history and integrates all Internet interactions with voice and other channels into a single strategy.

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Over 200 million internet interactions per year by chat, email and other Internet channels in 26 different languages

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For each requirement or customer profile it is possible to define the best combination of channels to be used

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Exclusive hiring process to select the best people profiles focusing on Internet Interactions and meeting client needs, online etiquette training adapted for each business, Continuous training to incorporate market trends and best practices

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Proprietary tool option, Global agreement with major players in the market to supply tools, Hosted and SaaS solutions available

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