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Technology designed for people.

Teleperformance solutions are friendly and efficient, designed to facilitate people’s lives. Our focus on people strategy drives all of our activities, so our technology is applied to improve human relations.

Every process we deploy in our business, every system used in our daily work and every person trained at Teleperformance is directed to achieve maximum satisfaction for everyone involved.

Teleperformance maintains best practices in performance management and commitment to excellence through our proprietary tools, management processes and compliance to security standards.



Teleperformance has developed innovative tools, processes, and products that enable it to provide more customized, secure, and effective solutions to clients. An unswerving focus on high quality customer care services, backed by technology expertise, places the company at the top of service providers in EMEA.

quote Sathya Subramanian, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Here are some of our proprietary tools:


Teleperformance Contact Center Management System (CCMS) integrates data from many systems and departments into a comprehensive view of performance at every level.

CCMS is an innovative solution utilized by all levels of Teleperformance employees to effectively organize, analyze and manage business operations. CCMS is a flexible solution that provides insight into the bottom line, offering a wealth of information and tools to manage productivity, payroll and client performance.

All levels of employees can utilize CCMS to complete daily business functions as they relate to their respective roles. For example, agents can manage their own performance using their profile, which compiles key data and information related to their employment.

CCMS increases quality, ensures consistency of operations worldwide and provides continual improvement based on operational indicators.


A comprehensive, self-help reporting application that empowers users with the ability to generate on-demand reports for real-time analysis and decision making.

Teleperformance Reports is a Web-based reporting system that can be configured to aggregate a wide variety of information from various data sources. Through its intuitive, Web-based report builder interface, users have the flexibility to generate custom reports, evaluate large amounts of information, and increase visibility to their core metrics. Custom reports can also be saved for future use and shared with other users.


A tool that empowers management to customize the approach to customers according to their mood, increasing the perceived quality of customer care.

Teleperformance Observer provides users with a snapshot of call center activity and call state, using ACD (automatic call distribution) information and layered voice analysis to monitor call emotional status and provide agent location details. The product also evaluates emotions and initiates call recording automatically if either the agent or customer seems frustrated, stressed, upset or irate. This data is stored for reporting and analysis by time period and mood.


A communication tool that simplifies supervisor-team communication, enabling real-time support and communication to enhance service quality, increase timeliness and accuracy of information, and improve FCR (first call resolution) levels.

Teleperformance Desktop is a targeted communication solution. It provides access to Team Chat, Team Alerts, and SME (subject matter expert) Chat, and provides supervisors with notifications regarding Teleperformance Passport Visual Authentication requests. Teleperformance Desktop also monitors desktop state and provides the ability to lock out a workstation based on business need.

The Teleperformance Desktop solution consists of both client and server applications which, when combined with business workflow processes, create a powerful and dynamic contact center messaging solution.