Teleperformance has interactions with 40% of the world's population annually.

We provide passionate people, working with the best tools, to ensure excellence. We deliver solutions to generate value and results for your customers. We provide an outstanding customer experience in every single opportunity.  Five reasons to believe Teleperformance is your most reliable partner when it comes to building relationships with your customers:

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We value our people to add value to your brand

Teleperformance’s business strategy success is highly correlated to the satisfaction of its employees. Our unique focus on people, backed by our experienced and committed management team, ensures we meet our clients’ requirements and their customers’ needs. 

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We understand customers

Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab is an innovative center for the research of specific issues related to changing customer behaviors with a focus on major drivers of satisfaction across geographies and sectors. The Lab is supported by specialists and researchers with a combined knowledge in different languages. 

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We treat your business like ours

That is the way we do business: we ensure our teams have everything they need to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience during each and every interaction. We consistently monitor our operations to guarantee we achieve the best results. 

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We design technology for people

Teleperformance solutions are friendly and efficient, designed to facilitate people’s lives. Our focus on people strategy drives all of our activities, so our technology is applied to improve human relations. 

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We provide a highly secure environment

Our information security strategy ensures that we’ll always be ahead of the market in security practices. Teleperformance leads the industry with world-class, award-winning security measures in contact center information defense.